SkyBlox is a side scroller game where the object is to jump on blocks - created by clicking - avoid falling to your doom and have a fun time seeing just how far you can make it. This game has an interactive menu using the same controls as the main game itself, with several clickable options on the side. This game features two methods of play: survival and sandbox. Survival is the fast-paced challenge to stay in the air. Sandbox is a relaxing area to have fun with blocks and build a castle!


On the menu navigate with the arrow keys and press spacebar when in front of portals to enter. Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Use the up arrow to jump. Click anywhere on the screen to create a block. Blocks will hover for a moment before falling. Don't fall from the sky, don't let blocks crush you, and don't go off of the left edge of the screen. Floating chunks of ground will drift by occasionally to stand on. The object is to stay up as long as possible.



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