Red vs Blue


You are a blue bubble and your enemies are the red bubbles. Use your skills and lead the blue bubbles to victory


Controls: Arrow keys or wasd, spacebar to shoot The game You are the blue bubble. To win the game you need to get 200 of your bubbles over to red bubble territory (other side of the screen). While letting a maximum of 20 red bubbles over to your side You can to this by shooting blue bubbles at the Red bubbles to neutralize them. Neutralized bubbles are grey. The grey bubbles will become either red or blue depending on the color of the next bubble that hits it. You can also hire ally bubbles from the side menu The currency of the game is credits. You generate credits at a steady rate. You can increase the rate by purchasing upgrades. You generate ammo at a steady pace. You ammo also serves as you health. So if you have 0 ammo and are hit by a red bubble you die.



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